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Activities Lake Maggiore, excursions, sports, tours - 2014

Activities Lake Maggiore, excursions, sports, tours - 2014

Activities Lake Maggiore, excursions, sports, tours - 2014

Every day: from March to October 2014

Among various proposals, choose your favourite one and get ready for fun! There is something for everybody, you just have to choose!


On Mondays... Don't miss a visit to the Borromean Islands - 2014

During your staying at Lake Maggiore, or even better at Borromean Gulf, you can’t miss a visit of the famous Borromean Islands, known all over the world. The "Isola Bella" (Beautiful Island), the "Isola Superiore dei Pescatori" (Fishermen’s Island) and the "Isola Madre" (Mother Island), with their charm, will amaze you!

€ 52,00 per person - min. 2 people

On Tuesdays... Paddling in canoe-kayak on Lake Maggiore - 2014

Discover a new means of transport, ecological and romantic at the same time: canoe-kayak! For beginners it is time to try this activity, for experts it is an excellent opportunity to practice healthy sport, discovering the wonderful Borromean Gulf!

€ 73,00 per person - min. 4 people

On Wednesdays... Mountain bike from Mottarone to Lake Maggiore - 2014

Mountain bike excursion from Mount Mottarone till Stresa at Lake Maggiore is what you need to relax yourself and to have fun! You have just to take a mountain bike and then an expert cycling guide will make you discover the territory with different eyes!

€ 64,00 per person - min. 6 people

On Thursdays... Canyoning between Lake Maggiore and Ossola Valley - 2014

Don’t be afraid to try a new activity! The Ossola Valley, close to Lake Maggiore, is the perfect place to practise torrential activities... Let you "slide" among striking streams, gorges, natural pools and slides: a real water park surrounded by nature!

€ 69,00 per person - min. 2 people

On Fridays... At Lake Maggiore on sailing boat - 2014

A day in a blue magic world... A magnificent sailing boat and an expert skipper will take you discover enchanting places at Lake Maggiore! Perfect place to spend some time far away from stress and boring daily routine, in a spectacular natural setting!

€ 60,00 per person - min. 4 people

On Saturdays... Trekking in Ossola Valley, among mountains and history - 2014

An easy trekking to know Ossola Valley’s territory and discover some of its most important characteristics. A quiet path, surrounded by nature, which follows the famous fortification system “Linea Cadorna”, to reach places of great historical, cultural and religious value...

€ 49,00 per person - min. 6 people

On Sundays... A Sunday riding a horse at Lake Maggiore - 2014

To feel like real "cowboys" don’t miss a horse riding excursion on Mount Mottarone’s slopes! A little bit of horseback riding through woods overlooking Stresa is the ideal activity to spend a different Sunday... A carefree day enriched with magnificent views of the Borromean Gulf!

€ 70,00 adult and € 64,00 child (6-12 y.o.) - min. 2 people


Earth - Adventure by "Vespa" at Lake Maggiore and Orta - 2014

Try a day out driving a wonderful “Vespa”, true icon of "Bel Paese", to discover “Alto Vergante” area and Lake Orta! Start your excursion from a lakeside town of Lake Maggiore, facing the famous Borromean Gulf, and follow a panoramic road among hills to drive till Lake Orta…

€ 197,00 per couple - min. 2 people

Air - Flight by helicopter around Lake Maggiore - 2014

A unique opportunity to admire gorgeous views of Lake Maggiore, Mount Mottarone, Lake Orta and Lake Mergozzo... Make yourself a present and fly by helicopter to visit beautiful places from another perspective. Flying will let you know better these territories in short time!

€ 225,00 per person - min. 4 people

Fire - Tour by quad between Lake Maggiore and Mottarone - 2014

If you have never tried the thrill of driving a quad, now it’s time to do it! So jump aboard of a quad and start your adventure along paved roads and stony ground. Discover the territory of Lake Maggiore, “Alto Vergante” area and Mount Mottarone! You just need a helmet, a map and you are ready for an adventurous excursion by quad!

€ 70,00 per quad and € 20,00 per passenger - min. 3 quads (3 or 6 people)

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